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I live an ordinary life in a semi rural part of Wales,  with my dog, cat, husband and two sons, but do extraordinary things with homeopathy. I trained as an artist in 1990 and worked in Cardiff as a prop and model-maker before setting off to Japan in 1995 to teach English, simply due to my love of travel. I always had an interest in natural medicine but only discovered homeopathy once I had become a mother and was looking for natural ways to treat my growing family.

It was arnica that led me in. I was so impressed with its dramatically possitive effect on my accident prone toddler that I sought a professional homeopath for a  skin condition (for legal reasons I cannot name this) that covered my entire head and behind both of my ears. It was itchy, very flaky and wept, and all the coal tar shampoos and creams from the doctor did  nothing to help it. I sought out the only homeopath I could find in Japan, who lived in Nagasaki. I was asked many unrelated questions, in pigeon English that seemed to have nothing to do with my skin condition at all, but over a period of 4 - 6 weeks, this skin condition, slowly and gradually began to clear up. This sparked a life long fascination and passion for homeopathy that, to this day, continues to engage, excite and inspire me.

I enrolled on a long distance homeopathy course with the London School of Classical Homeopathy in 1999 and practiced, with great success, on my pets, my friends and my friend's children using just a few polycrests. I returned to Wales in 2000 and after amothering break, I started my professional training at the Welsh School of Homeopathy. I graduated gaining my licence to practice in 2010 and became registered with the Society of Homeopaths at the same time.

I love homeopathy and believe that it should be available to everyone regardless of income or background. I have therefore spent a number of years working within disadvantaged communities for charities such as Women's Aid and Mind and also volunteered with The Old Mill Cancer Centre supporting others in their cancer treatment. 

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