About the consultation

The consultation will feel much like an informal chat as we explore the wider context of your disease and its underlying cause. In order for me to arrive at a clear understanding of your whole state of health, we will veer away from symptoms to discuss your character, the way your condition effects your life and how you deal with stress. I will consider everything in a non-judgmental way and respect your boundaries. Everything discussed is confidential.

Homeopathy works from the inside out, often beginning with a change in your mental outlook. This differs to the conventional approach which generally works on the surface, masking the isolated symptoms but not necessarily dealing with the problem as a whole. Although this approach is vital in many cases, it can also be used as a ‘quick fix’ that doesn't necessarily improve overall heath. What tends to happen when you push health or emotional problems down is that they pop up somewhere else. Many doctors recognize that suppressed eczema often turns to asthma later on in life and many people complain of never being well since a particular unresolved trauma or suppressed grief. Homeopathy aims to deal with the cause of our dis-ease, reducing our susceptibility to certain illnesses and building on our own natural immunity. It can be safely integrated with conventional methods and may help with their side effects.

Because homeopathy deals with the whole picture, improvements take place on a wider scale, helping energy levels, general wellbeing and the ability to deal with the ups and downs of life.

From the information you give me, I will select a homeopathic remedy that matches your unique pattern of symptoms. If I'm not completely sure I know the correct remedy on the day, I will take the case home and work on it. I will post the remedy out to you within two working days of the consultation.

During the follow up appointment, we will discuss the changes that have occurred since the last remedy and explore what needs to be addressed next. I usually see people again within 4 - 6 weeks of taking the remedy however, this may be sooner depending on the problem. After the second or third  follow up, I generally leave it up to the client to gage when they need to come back. 

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Children respond quickly to homeopathy due to their high vitality. They tend to like homeopathy because the remedies taste nice! I will ask about their sleep patterns, eating likes and dislikes, home, school, friendships and will also need to get an idea of the pregnancy, birth and their medical history.

'Acute' (in other words, recent) complaints can usually be done over the phone. If you have had the problem for over six weeks or so, it would be described as 'chronic' and would involve a face to face consultation.

Advice for acute complaints is free! If you want me to send you the remedy I can do so for a fee of £9. Call me between 9.00am - 5pm on weekdays or leave a message and I'll get back to you.

Disclaimer: As a professional homeopath I do not diagnose any medical conditions or treat any specific named diseases. Those who receive homeopathic treatment from me must also continue using the services of their primary health care physician for appropriate evaluations and check ups.

Adult initial consultation

up to 1 ½ hours


Adult follow up

up to 1 hour


Child initial consultation

up to 1 ½ hours


Child follow up

up to 1 hour


This price includes the cost of the remedy, postage and packing and telephone or email advice between consultations.