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First aid / acute workshop

What you get:
  • Fascinating info on 18 different homeopathic remedies. Learn how to nip a fever in the bud, pacify a panic attack, drain a painful abscess, shift flu-like symptoms, ease the agony of a back spasm or calm minor burns (to name but a few) all with homeopathic remedies.
  • One Helios 18 remedy homeopathy kit and 'materia medica' booklet worth £29.95.
  • Homeopathy is safe for babies and children, can even be used during pregnancy and there are no known side effects.

Next workshop:


Part one: Sat 28th Nov 1-4pm,

Part two: Sat 5th Dec 1-4pm.

Homeopathy kit and materia medica booklet will be delivered for free, unless you live outside the UK.


Online workshop plus kit

£ 55.00 

RESERVE YOUR PLACE online workshop 28th Nov 1-4pm 5th Dec 1-4pm Plus 18 remedy homeopathy kit delivered for free to UK, (postage cost if outside UK)

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