''I stumbled upon homeopathy when I was at the end of my tether with perimenopausal symptoms. Having been told by my GP that there was 'nothing that can be done' yet suffering daily with a multitude of symptoms I was to say the least desperate. An insomnia search of the internet and thankfully I found my wonderful homeopath, Chloe. A lengthy zoom consultation with more depth, understanding and compassion than I have ever experienced resulted in a remedy sent to me. Two tiny pills made a phenomenal difference practically overnight, my emotional well being improved, I slept better and joint pains eased. I have had follow up consults and remedies and I can honestly say homeopathy has changed my life. I find it incredible that women are expected to cope with symptoms that have such a negative impact on daily life and relationships when there are treatments that are available, I would love to see homeopathy prescribed by GPs or at the very least considered as a suggestion for improving health and wellbeing, I wish I had tried it before now!''

Linzi Brown, Llandovery. March 2021

''I was helped considerably when going through an emotional relationship spilt up, so then brought my son who had some severe stomach aches during his teenage years that went undignosed by doctors - and it helped them completely. More recently, my teenage daughter had a rash on her face and neck and it stopped them completely. I think it is particularly effective at clearing up those strange teenage ailments.''

Dani Smith, Llandeilo. April 2021

''I needed help with chronic back pain that troubled me for several years... Speaking to you and the remedies have certainly helped with my anxiety and dealing with increasing levels of pain, sciatica being a huge part of that pain. I have definitely felt an improvement with the numbness, tingling and burning sensations of nerve pain. I used to get a deep pain in my hip, but it's improved a lot.''

Delith Evans, Ammanford. March 2021

''My 8 year old son had several tics which were gradually getting worse. I was getting extremely worried about him as they were interfering with his school work and were very obvious to people outside. He had an exaggerated cough where he would pull a face and lift his hands up in the air. There was a continuous small cough, a back and forth head movement and he would also bang his teeth together. [After the remedy], gradually over a few weeks his tics improved until he now no longer has any. I'm so grateful that the remedy worked and my son can go about his day without the worry of his tics. Thank you.''

Katie Roderick, Carmarthenshire. March 2021

'I’d reached crisis point with exhaustion and fatigue as a new mum. The remedy brought back balance and enabled me to relax and achieve deeper sleep, coping better with life with a little baby''.

New mum, Carmarthenshire. April 2021

''Just checking in as requested. I cannot believe the difference the remedy has made to my pain! The nerve shooting needle pain has gone! At first I thought it was because I spent almost 5 days in bed - but no. I feel more awake but very slightly subdued. Very busy day 6am - 7pm on Saturday, yesterday 7am got home gone midnight.... still have a deep nagging pain, but 80% less pain overall! Thank you so so so very much''.

Women who had been living with nerve pain for 7 years. August 2019

''In hospital, I was only able to sleep for one hour at a time. When I got home, I relaxed enough to manage 3 hours at a time. After your remedy, I've just had 6 hours of unbroken sleep, then another 4 hours. I was able to sleep on my side for part of the night for the first time in three weeks. Homeopathy is amazing and that is just after one remedy. Thank you Chloe.''

 LW. After major abdominal surgery. September 2019

''I have been receiving treatment from Chloe for almost a year. My periods were so heavy that I had to use custom made washable sanitary towels. The first improvement was that my periods became less heavy. My premenstrual symptoms ie migraines and cramps eased and over the course of the year I became able to carry out day to day activities during my period that I was previously unable to do. I used to experience labour-like pains each month and dreaded each period as they were really quite disabling. My gynaecological scan has shown improvements and I would not consider a hysterectomy now. I no longer need painkillers. Homeopathy has worked like magic for me and I can't thank Chloe enough for the treatment and support she has given me.''

Amman Valley Womens Aid. December 2013

''The IBS slowly improved but the depression took longer as did the anxiety. When I was given something else, I felt as though I had the flu for a week but then got stronger and stronger and felt better and better. The IBS has gone away and the depression is a distant memory. I feel good and I feel well. I have no anxiety anymore. Overall I feel like a 'new person'. Thankyou so much!''

Llanelli Mind, March 2013

''The sessions are very therapeutic, relaxed and calm. Chloe has a soothing voice and a warm nature. I felt at ease.''

Amman Valley Womens Aid. 2013

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