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Homeopathy in a nutshell

Homeopathy is comprehensive system of natural medicine that has been in use for over 200 years. Treatment is aimed at stimulating the individual's own natural healing ability and is based on the philosophy of 'like cures like' - that is, substances that cause sickness may also heal when given in very minute doses. According to the World Health Organisation (quoted in 2004), homeopathy is the second most used form of medicine in the World.

The Consultation

I will work alongside you in order to find the most appropriate remedy that matches the totality of your physical, mental and emotional symptoms as a whole. This involves listening deeply, asking questions, noticing patterns and digging deeper until I feel I fully understand your case. This is known as 'constitutional treatment' and is suitable if you suffer with long-standing complaints and general feelings of unwellness. It is also useful when feeling 'stuck' and unable to let go of unhelpful thought patterns or anxieties. People have often fed back that the consultation feels a bit like talking therapy. The main difference is that I will also provide a homeopathic remedy that is aimed at triggering the body to heal itself.


In 2011, a report commissioned by the Swiss health authorities  found homeopathy to be both clinically effective and good value for money. It concludes that homeopathy should become available on the Swiss national health insurance program. Click here for the research document published by Springer: Homeopathy in Healthcare. For a list of over 6000 research papers on homeopathy click here: research evidence.


My Services


1. Initial assessment

This is to determine whether your complaint is acute or chronic and can be an opportunity for you to get to know me a little and discuss whether you want to try homeopathy or not.

For those suffering hardship due to the current COVID pandemic, I am offering my services at a mutually arranged discount via video calling app. Please contact me to arrange this.

2. 'Acute' treatment.

Acute illnesses are conditions that are not reoccurring or long term. They usually have a short duration althoughthe symptoms can sometimes be severe. Children are prone to acute illnesses and respond well to homeopathy, so I often recommend that parents invest in a homeopathy kit so they have what they need to hand after contacting me. Advice for acute symptoms takes 10 to 20 minutes by phone, Skype or Zoom appointment. Find out more or book a virtual appointment.

3. 'Constitutional' treatment

Constitutional treatment is the term used to describe the individualised therapy provided by a classical homeopath. This is intended for long-standing chronic imbalances, whether they are mental, emotional or physical, and involves an in-depth conversation on many aspects of your health and emotional wellbeing. Many people will see a homeopath when they feel 'run down' or 'out of sorts' to prevent more serious health issues arising. The session lasts up to 1.5 hours, either as an online consultation in my 'virtual clinic' or face-to-face at my therapy space in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire. My fees start at £27 for children and £36 for adults. For my full price list or to book an appointment, click here.

4. Workshops

I offer group workshops in acute and first aid prescribing at the Stables Wellbeing, Trapp, Llandeilo. This is suitable for anyone over 18, however, I would especially encourage parents of young children to join. Homeopathy can be given to children before resorting to antibiotics or Calpol and can take a lot of anxiety out of parenting. Workshops cost £55 for the day and include a vegetarian lunch and an 18 remedy homeopathy kit made by Helios homeopathic pharmacy. Find out more.

5. Supervision

With over 10 years in practice as an alternative therapist in avariety settings, I am happy to share my knowledge and advice to students either face to face or via a video call as part of their studies. Please contact me to find out more.

6. Community work

I worked as a homeopath at Women's Aid in Ammanford for four years and at Mind and Women's Aid in Llanelli for several months. If you are looking for a low cost alternative therapy for your service users, please do get in touch.



I am registered and insured with the Society of Homeopaths and practise according to their Code of Ethics. I use a large library and extensive software system to help pinpoint the best and most accurate remedy for my clients. I can be found on the Society of Homeopaths list of registered homeopaths. During my final year at the Welsh School of Homeopathy, I proved a remedy named Erinaceus Europeaus which can be bought at Helios homeopathic pharmacy. If you are a homeopath and would like access to this document, please get in touch. It is free to the homeopathic community.


Safety First

Homeopathy's safety record has been exemplary for over 200 years. It is gentle, natural and non-toxic and is therefore safe to use for pregnant or lactating mothers, babies, children and the elderly. The medicine is prescribed according the Law of the Minimum Dose which means that a homeopath only uses the least amount of medicine necessary to bring about a healing reaction, repeating the remedyonly when the symptoms worsen again. Recovery feels natural and begins with an increase in energy and a more positive outlook on life. Homeopathy is known as a gentle art of healing, working with the body, not against.



I have been receiving treatment from Chloe for almost a year. My periods were so heavy that I had to use custom made washable sanitary towels. The first improvement was that my periods became less heavy. My premenstrual symptoms ie migraines and cramps eased and over the course of the year I became able to carry out day to day activities during my period that I was previously unable to do. I used to experience labour-like pains each month and dreaded each period as they were really quite disabling. My gynaecological scan has shown improvements and I would not consider a hysterectomy now. I no longer need painkillers. Homeopathy has worked like magic for me and I can't thank Chloe enough for the treatment and support she has given me.

Amman Valley Womens Aid. December 2013


In hospital, I was only able to sleep for one hour at a time. When I got home, I relaxed enough to manage 3 hours at a time. After your remedy, I've just had 6 hours of unbroken sleep, then another 4 hours. I was able to sleep on my side for part of the night for the first time in three weeks. Homeopathy is amazing and that is just after one remedy. Thank you Chloe.

 LW. After major abdominal surgery. September 2019


The IBS slowly improved but the depression took longer as did the anxiety. When I was given something else, I felt as though I had the flu for a week but then got stronger and stronger and felt better and better. The IBS has gone away and the depression is a distant memory. I feel good and I feel well. I have no anxiety anymore. Overall I feel like a 'new person'. Thankyou so much!

Llanelli Mind, March 2013


Just checking in as requested. I cannot believe the difference the remedy has made to my pain! The nerve shooting needle pain has gone! At first I thought it was because I spent almost 5 days in bed - but no. I feel more awake but very slightly subdued. Very busy day 6am - 7pm on Saturday, yesterday 7am got home gone midnight.... still have a deep nagging pain, but 80% less pain overall! Thank you so so so very much.

Women who had been living with nerve pain for 7 years. August 2019


The sessions are very therapeutic, relaxed and calm. Chloe has a soothing voice and a warm nature. I felt at ease.

Mrs Williams, Ammanford


As a professional homeopath, I do not diagnose any medical conditions or treat any specific named diseases. Those who receive homeopathic treatment from me must also continue using their primary care physician for appropriate evaluations and check-ups. 

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